Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Mercury Said "Lower"

I'm in the business of helping people, so...

I have made a difficult decision and completely revamped 
and lowered my price points.

Since I raised my prices, a lot of people have expressed that they just can't afford the services.

It's Mercury retrograde, which is an excellent time to notice what is not working and revamp it, reframe it, tune it up or just toss it out.

I got into this business to help people. The services are worth the higher prices (more, really) but if the people who need it the most just don't have it, well... it's time for a change.

All of my patrons know that I am always saying, "When you realize something isn't working, then back up and change your strategy". There is no shame in hitting a wall, only in hitting it over and over, stubbornly refusing to learn from it.
I'm here to help people get what they need, I want to be reaching as many people as possible. Look at the Services page and you'll find the new, lower prices. Enjoy.

Don't assume that the biggest plan is the only way to go. There are multiple options there, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Pick the one that works for YOU. Let's make your world better.


Magus (Kevin Trent Boswell)
Magus (aka Kevin Trent Boswell)

Wednesday, June 14, 2017


a cup 
bearing the emblem 
of joy

with war

the crunching sounds 
of knowledge 
beneath the conqueror’s boot

sip quietly on the vessel of blood
knowing simply 
that there is nothing else 
to drink

a libation of fire…
or thirst

these are the choices

how we label things, 
is less about accuracy

and more about 
making the best 
of it

Saturday, December 24, 2016


Years ago, my aunt was working for a small town newspaper and informed me that they wanted a poem to print for Christmas and urged me to submit something. 

I chose to use the opportunity to hone my writing, to see if I could write something very traditional, like you might see on a Christmas card. So I penned this piece and they did in fact publish it. 

Those of you who have read even a few of my other works know that this is not typical of my writing style. Still, the sentiment is there. I do love Christmas and what it's supposed to be. 

So now, I offer this verse to all of you. May your holiday celebrations (whatever your traditions are) be full of joy and love. 


T'was ne'er the thought 
Of Saint Nick’s arrival
With stockings full
Of shiny toys
Nor in the least
The Christmas feast
That filled my heart
With season’s joy

Nay, my brother
I tell you true
'Tis not the tree
With lights aglow
I shiver not 
At romantic thoughts
Of kisses sweet
Under mistletoe

Though the sacred rites
Hold much weight
Though they may contrive
A special glee
Without contrite
I may tell you right
They hold something 
Else for me

Indeed I say and
Mark me well
The warmth of hearts
Is enough for me
For the essence in rhyme
Of Christmas time
Is embraced within 
The family

Forget not your brother
Who holds less fortune
Though he be a stranger
Give 'till it hurts
I tell you then, and
Only then, my friend
Shall you receive
The joy this holiday asserts

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Monday, December 19, 2016

"We're all made of stars.": Review: Conjure Club!

"We're all made of stars.": Review: Conjure Club!: Many of you know my friend  Magus , who is the owner over at  Conjure Work  (formerly Thaumaturgy 777). I’ve known  Magus  for a few years...

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Special Announcement! 

Unveiling the new...

Each month, receive an awesome assortment of Conjure Work products, oils, herbs, powders, incenses, talismans and more.

Your subscription $25 automatically billed monthly gets you a regular shipment of assorted conjure supplies, each with its own theme, the products and samples being based on a certain type of magickal working which will change, each month.
The Shipping & Handling is FREE!!!

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Tuesday, August 23, 2016


is your color

i keep 
your memory
in my mouth

a warm, 
candied piece 
of indescribably 

Thursday, August 11, 2016


being in the presence 
of a lady,
I tipped my ski mask
and bowed politely 
to her cat, 
whose name was %

orange clusters of galaxy 
spun slowly 
in my glass
as we slid bits of 
back and forth 
across the snow-covered,
kitchen floor

a couple of 
two foot tall tornadoes 
gathered up all the questions
and nailed them
to the ceiling;
they dripped 
a honey-like residue 
on the hippo’s head… 
into which the monkey
dipped his gold doubloons,
before flinging them 
out the window, 
into outer space

the lady never so much as 
batted her exquisitely 
sexy eyes

our woman of wormholes 
and broken windows 
displayed her 
potential pleasures 
under thin plates of emerald,
microscopes facing out into the ether,
telescopes facing inward 
to the singularity 
and nine, single eyes 
looking in no particular direction

the angels 
caught in between 
merely waved 
a thoughtless, 
casual hello

a sudden snapping of her fingers 
and a quick,
temperamental glance
indicated a sudden change
in mood, 
this signal 
summarily summoning 
a small army of tigers
who ripped the jukebox into 
and devoured all the 
bad magick
in its darkened soul

taking up a red pencil, 
she drew a shaky line 
down the middle 
of the table… 
it promptly fell in half,
every plate and saucer upon it
bursting into flame
and dust
and applause

when her smile threw its wave 
of dizzying heat over my wearied face, 
I spoke slowly and clearly 
through the haze,
cordially calling 
this delightfully curvaceous 
debutante by her
customary title of 

but she corrected me,
saying that she
no longer answered 
to that name

and instead, 
she now goes by 

which is short for

like you’ve 
never known

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