Thursday, June 21, 2018

birthday basket 

This is something that I wrote today, to say thank you for all the kind birthday wishes. It means a lot and I appreciate it.

On my birthday, June 21, 2018
For all of you 

Owner of Conjure Work,

- - -

glow bright,
torch flame ball 
through the cracks 
in the wall 
of the circled garden, 
zapping flowers and faces 
with light and warmth

illuminating orb climbs atop 
the back of a crab carriage 
and takes up its reigns 
ten miles down the trail

then ten more and

a final ten days, still

of all the gifts 
possible to call satisfying, 
none is more so 
than having a handful of faces 
you know and welcome 
into your eyes
arms about you, 
a band of those who can be counted as your people 
and you 
as one of their own 

in this, my mem-heh day, 
I dig into my pockets 
and find only useless 
bits of nothing, 
ridiculous things like gold 
and documents of ownership, 
certificates of overpriced 
keys to things,
things that are kept 
locked away 
for fear of their loss... 

I instead grab for paper and pen and offer you instead,
something truly useful

a small scrap of peace

like the Christ split the 
loaves and fishes, 
I will break this bread of joy 
with all of you, 
we will divide it between us 
until there is no more left

with each disappearing morsel, 
may you, like Osiris, 
be reconstructed,
made whole 

enjoy your slice of cake
it was never mine, anyway;
nothing ever was
the things I called my own
were spells, illusions,

glamours and self-deceptions

the only thing real is that
which I give to you 

may it sustain your hearts 
through lonely periods 
may it entertain you 
during dullness 
may it prevent you 

from doing stupid things 
when you are angry 
or afraid 
may it protect
from the attacks of others, 
may it protect you 
from the awful attacks 
that you launch 
upon yourself 

may it make you laugh 
when you’re down 
and seemingly out
may it be a cornerstone for you, 
as you succeed 
and build your new palaces 
in the sun

take this and share
like a plant cutting, 
spread it 
like wildfire, 
let it swallow the whole
branding genuine smiles 
on the faces of all you people, 
you children 
of birth and growth, 
decline and 
the final surrender to sleep 

let this stupid, 
silly smile disease 
infect you, 
let the epidemic of laughter 
over the land
taking you utterly 
and joyfully 
by surprise 

By Kevin Trent “Magus” Boswell

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