Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Announcing the release of the book,

Chaos Comes Apart, by Kevin Trent Boswell

Original poetry by Kevin Trent Boswell

A poet, guitarist, vocalist, songwriter, 

reader of tarot cards and astrological charts, hypnotist, 

personal coach and practitioner of ritual magick,

presents for your reading pleasure

a collection of original works,

the inspiration of which, was a gift from the Goddess, Venus.

An selection from the book

Chaos Comes Apart

to appease and pique your curiosity...


a treble clef,
scribed in blood,
your dangerous song 
pierces the ears 
stabbed by the night, 
you spread your plight 
a teacher taught you 
to share with the dears

a book of pictures
shiny thing, you be
and shimmering wonderments 
to the everyone’s touch
and sooner, not the later
all roaring, hear the sea 
waiting in the battlements
for the distinct lack of much

creating the crater,
you dwell in those parts 
the littles, that are harder 
to cause, or to preach to 
and reaching the stains, 
the pains in the hearts 
struggle must, but failing 
to bleach you

it’s a thing we all know
a breeze, chosen to throw 
when falling,
we stand in the wrongness
we never belonged
but wanting, we thronged
your off-key, chorus of joining 
an excruciating song-ness

107 pages, all unique, original works, a wide variety of styles, rhyme schemes and free verse, dark and light material, alike, at times hopeful and joyous, at others bloody and bleak.

Chaos Comes Apart is a thousand yard stare into the heart of the essential powerlessness of the human condition, in both the horrid anxiety and the comical, serene celebration of the experience that it entails. 

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