Thursday, February 8, 2018

little devils

(for Jess)

clandestine sprites may try to intervene
and pixies seek to get in between
but I still would find some way, some mean
to get back to see her face gleam, somehow

I might be troubled by a nebulous moon
who would have me, to some other, cast my rune
but although I barely know her, I swoon
when the scent of her, like a tune, rises up to me

if all things were equal, I doubt that I'd care
but all things are not equal and so I will share
my time with her, whether here... or there
and it matters not where or when, so long as it's now

a black magician may throw cursed stones in my path
to steer me away, as result of his wrath
and try to keep me from her, but I would just laugh
and giggle a bit as I knock and she asks who it might be

as I said it's all conjecture, what I know of her
and the universe itself might be against us, as it were
but I, never having been one whom reason would stir,
to learn all about her is to be my new vow

and so to the pixies and to the moon, I say fie!
I kick the black magician and spit in his eye
and the universe, so far as I care, can lay down and die

so long as she makes some time on her calendar free

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